A little info about Myself

Here is a little information about myself:  
My Name is David Stockman,
  I live in a small town outside of Albuquerque NM, 
by the name of Bernalillo (Pronounced  Berna Leo)
which is a GREAT place to live,
  you have the best of both worlds the city life in Alb.  
and the laid back Country life in Bernalillo,
with Great views of the Sandia Mountains,
Sandia in Spanish is Watermelon.
 The reason for the name of the mountains is 
The BEAUTIFUL SUNSETS of Watermelon like colors.
  I am a 39 year old ASE Master Auto Technician,
 and a Certified Locksmith
and I have been interested
 in cars of all types, all of my life,
like cars of all types, but some don't like me,
like Fords, 
Love the body styles,
but I just do not have good luck with them.
  you know how it goes some got it some don't.

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