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If your LOVE is Impala's 
94 Impala   
Impala SS.COM's Page

Jim's Performance Automotive


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Visit Autolinks Europe NOW! 
COOL59 Go Down under and VISIT Alan and Take A Look at his Site, Great Tour of Sydney,
Interesting information about Right hand drive conversion,
and of Course, last but not least his COOL Pink 59 Cadillac Coupe de Ville

Ron Francis Wire Works This is THE place to check out for wiring harness for putting that late model power plant
into the early model body, or complete wiring harness, other wiring goodies.

Performance MuscleCars GO VISIT Steve and Take A Look at this Site, Great Stories seems like a Time Warp, EPA issues, VERY INFORMATIVE SITE !
Check Out the Auto On-Rampis a Great Automotive Site
Sam's Fox T-Bird & Cougar Page is a page to check out for you ford Guys & Gals.
NHRA Online is a fantastic place for up to date information on Drag Racing
Mopar Freaks if you love em you've got to check this site The 1962-1965 Mopar Website
Hot Rods Worldwide.Com Lots of good things for The Rod Freak of the Family
Ford Fanatics this site is for you Ford MotorSports Online
Jags That Run Jag Conversions and Z cars,S-10's KILLER Conversion Manuals,Parts, Etc.
We can't forget this Legend The Caped Crusader's awesome car The Batmobile
Heatons Firebird Page Excellant Site on Birds of the four wheel variety,Loads of Links for birds
Here's another nostalgic site SuperCars of the Sixties Check this one out
Here is a Great place to buy Auto Parts And Save Some BUCKS, Northern Auto Parts
Remember When there were FINS and Drive ins Check Out This MEGA COOL Site !!!
The GNX Files if your a true GNX Lover this is the place to check out where it all began.
Jack's Racing Photos is a great place to relive the races of all types, Dirt, Drags, Nascar, Sprint.
Visit The Big Daddy Don Garlits and see what is going on in Florida.
See The Official Website Of Carroll Shelby,
This Is a Great Link to find other other Automotive Sites, Yahoo's Motorsports, It's worth the TRIP!
Feel like playing a game, Test your Auto Knowledge at the Auto Trivia Challenge, Lots of Fun.
For all you First Generation Camaro Lovers this is Great Site to see, Links,Pics,Info.
George and Janet Gartner's Gallery Wooden sculptures of vintage automobiles.
You NEED to check this site out FANTASTIC !!!
If you like Plymouth Belvederes stop by this site and have a gander 

For All who's interested in ASE,AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE of EXCELLENCE, Auto Techs See What's Happening With TEAM ASE, or Testing Dates, Registration, ETC.
One of My Favorites !, But I'm Biased, I'm An ASE Master Auto. Tech.


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